Air Conditioning

We design and install Centralised, Packaged or Split air conditioning systems based on psychometric analysis, energy efficiency and cost benefit analysis. The advantages of the various types of Air Conditioners are outlined blow;
  • Centralised: As the name implies centralized air conditioning systems are centralized in a few master points and then distributed through vents and ducts to the entire indoor space. This provides close control and management simplicity, and the lifetime operating cost is significantly lower than split and window package units. Examples include VRF Systems (Variable Refrigerant Flow), Water Chiller System, Direct Expansion Systems and Evaporative Cooling and much more.
  • Package Units: These are modular and can be installed as standalone units which give the added advantage of ease in installation. Such units include roof top package units and window units.
  • Split Units: These are the most commonly used for light commercial and domestic installations. They are easy to install, relatively flexible and have a lower cooling spectrum.

Alternative Power and Lighting

Green Age wants to champion sustainability in the area of power and power supply systems. Towards this goal, we have established a joint to partnership Haijian Electromechanical LTD for the provision of Solar Inverters and compatible lighting systems. We use the best wire grade and we size our cable based on actual load consumption thereby avoiding waste and increasing efficiency.

In Nigeria, visual comfort is disregarded when designing lighting systems. Green Age takes into consideration Shadow Effects, Lighting Levels and Visual Glare when designing lighting systems. This is achieved because we follow strict lighting guidelines as recommended by the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers.

Fire Suppression

Green Age building services provides two main types of fire suppression systems the choice of which is based on combustibility of building materials, space area, water flow and accessibility.
The first type of system is the standalone or portable fire suppression system. This consists of water hydrants, liquid or gas (CO2) and dry chemicals. Their applications are based on nature of fire.
The second type is the centralized suppression system which also consists of water hydrants and gas but these are connected to a centralized system of pipes and extinguisher reservoirs that are disbursed as needed.

Mechanical Conveyors And Lifts

We design and install mechanical transportation systems and conveyors such as travellators, escalators and conveyors which are used for ease of transportation of goods and people. Our engineers can easily convert existing walkways and staircases into travellators and escalators. We design baggage conveyors based on any number of requirements such as total load, speed, distance and coverage.
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