Green Age Building Services was created when a group of experienced local and foreign Electrical and Mechanical Services Engineers came together and decided to move the Nigerian services industry to a more modern and environmentally friendly era.
Green Age provides project execution and consultation of Mechanical and Electrical Building Services. Sustainability and low energy consuming systems are fundamental to our design principles. We provide cost effective and sustainable systems which are readily available to us through our link with internationally renowned manufacturers and distributors.
Our highly skilled and motivated work force has a collective experience of over twenty years. All our services conform to the British standards of the Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers.
Our Engineering teams have been involved in turn-key projects which range from small scale domestic electrical and mechanical installations to installation of sophisticated industrial clean rooms and complex Building Energy Management Systems.


The importance of sustainability in development cannot be over emphasized. The dwindling of resources and the constant threat of rise of cost of the little available is a wakeup call for all. There is a need to conserve the resources available, and a gradual shift towards the utilization of renewable energy sources is a step in the right direction.

At Green Age, we use Low Carbon Sustainable design, and reduce energy consumption where feasible. This makes possible a significant reduction in operating costs of equipment and infrastructure, and also reduces the carbon footprint of an individual or organization.

The type of renewable energy is largely dependent on geographical location and manifest climatic factors. In the case of Nigeria, the prevailing climatic conditions leans itself towards solar energy, geothermal, bio-fuels, and Wind turbines.
  • Solar energy; We can provide a solar inverter system which harnesses the power of the sun. A solar inverter system which generates 1200kwh of electricity can run light loads of a 3 bedroom house for approximately 10 hours of power from 8 hours of solar radiation charging cycle. Solar energy can also be harnessed directly to provide comfort cooling. This is done by a cycle known as absorption cooling whereby water is heated with solar energy and a chemical additive (Lithium Bromide) is used to reverse the temperature to sub-zero degrees and then pumped to provide atmospheric cooling. The same cycle can be used to generate hot water for domestic and industrial processes.
  • Geothermal Energy is energy harnessed from the earth’s crust. Green Age can install a geothermal system known as ground source heat pumps which can be used for atmospheric cooling and heating.
  • Bio-Fuels: This is energy that is harness from the degradation of bio matter in the form of solid waste, wood chips and some cash crops. The use of Bio- Fuels is largely dependent on the availability of degradable bio-matter, large storage capacity and energy demand.
  • Wind Turbines: With the prevailing climactic conditions in Nigeria, wind energy is most suitable in low pressure coastal areas such as Lagos and Port Harcourt. It can also be installed in the sub-Saharan regions at the cost of high maintenance cycles.
  • Other sources of renewable energy are Hydro Electric and Tidal/Wave energy.


At Green Age, quality is never compromised, that is why our core work force is highly trained and well-motivated. We continually update the core skills of our staff and encourage them to pick up hobbies that will develop their professional careers.
Green Age has a stringent system to check and balance the quality of our designs and installations, below is a chart that illustrates our quality management scheme; Workshop drawings are based on clients demand and the specification given by the Architect.
  1. A team of specialist engineers conduct site analysis to verify the viability of the drawings based on feasibility and energy savings.
  2. The assigned project manager approves the drawing and issues out a start order
  3. All subcontractors mobilized to site go through stringent examination process to check their capacity and quality of workmanship
  4. All material used by Green Age must conform to international standards (ISO) and a manufacturer’s warrantee is always provided.
  5. A progress report indicating extent of work and any encountered difficulty is compiled by the sit engineer. The site engineer is responsible for the quality of workmanship on site. The project manager visits the sit regularly to make sure that quality standards are met and to confirm progress to next phase of work


Building Services consume a considerable chunk of total building cost (between 15% and 50% depending on desired comfort level). This makes it clear that effective cost management will save our client’s money.

Green Age negotiates appropriately with its subcontractors to bring down installation cost while maintaining quality of work provided, we also avoid third parties when sourcing for equipment and meticulously manage project plan/site coordination. Green Age manages its overhead and where appropriate, recycles items to avoid waste and hazard to the environment. This approach leads to a desired cost and time savings for our clients.

Executive Summary

  • Building Services make up about 15% to 60% of the total cost of entire building project, thus meticulous project management and cost effective procurement is key to saving the client money.
  • Precise design/material management is key to our work process. Green Age staff has vast experience in handling highly technical projects and our experience with coordinating correspondence with client and stake holders enable us deliver best practice and maximum client satisfaction. Our general approach is relating well with client and delivering cost effective and energy saving projects
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